Introduction to the OFP Data Model

Novemebr 2023

Two Ravens E&C Consulting introduces the OFP data during the Open Footprint Forums GHG Emissions Data Standards Development Workshop hosted in Chicago in partnership with Thoughtworks and Greenleaf advisors.

a footprint in the middle of a foresta footprint in the middle of a forest

Two Ravens Consulting Joins the Open Footprint Forum

August 2023

Two Ravens Consulting joins the Open Footprint (OFP_ Forum, with a growing membership base. Organized by the Open Group, the OFP is developing a standard data model for emissions, and related open source tools to ease adoption.

ISO 9001 & 14001 Certification Completed

July 2023

Two Ravens E&C Consulting has completed the ISO 9001 Quality Management Systems Certification (QMS), ISO 14001 Environmental Management Systems (EMS) certification, as well the ISO 19011 Team Leader and Management Systems Auditing Modules.

Sustainable Oil and Gas Using Blockchain

June 2023

Contributed chapter highlighting how distributed ledger technology and blockchain can be used to help reduce methane emissions and flaring by the oil & gas industry.

Linux Foundation Open Source Summit (OSS)

May 2023

Presented during the OSS SustainabilityCon 2023 on the role (and opportunity) of open source and distributed ledger technology in measuring GHG emissions across our supply chains to decarbonize global production infrastructure.

Supply chain tokens for emissions reductions

November 2022

Project submission submitted to the 2022 Call for Code. Using supply chain tokens to incentivize emissions reductions by the oil & gas industry.

Hyperledger Meetup

June 28, 2022

Sherwood Moore and Bertrand Rioux presented to the Hyperledger Meetup Community on Building an Open Global Climate Accounting System to help solve the challenges of scope 3 emissions reporting.

Introduce a use case on reducing emissions in the oil & gas sector with supply chain tokens.

IBM Call for Code accelerator

June 2022

Submission to the 2022 IBM Call for Code Green Practices Challenge Accelerator wins 1st place. Our team developed a prototype for Reducing Methane Leakage and Flaring with Supply Chain Tokens. This was first submitted to the Hyperledger Challenge 2022 competition.

OIES CBAM Publication

June 2022

The Oxford Institute for Energy Studies published issue 132 of the quarterly Oxford Energy Forum (OEF) publication win an article on the "Potential implications of the EU Carbon Border Adjustment Mechanism" published by Dongmei Chen and Bertrand Rioux .

Integrated O&G companies and the energy transition

February 2022

Paper by Majed Al Suwailem and Bertrand Rioux titled "Integrated Oil Companies and the Requiem for a Transition: How Are They Coping with Climate Change?"

The paper explores how Integrated oil and gas companies can leverage their expertise across multiple domains to introduce solutions for climate change and how are they positioned to address climate related risks.

Research on Decentralized Identity

August 2020

Published thesis describing a decentralized identity management system targeting energy subsidies and energy service companies (ESCOs).