Two Ravens Energy & Climate Action

Pragmatic climate action for energy security and economic stability

Developing an emission data management standard with the Open Group and the Open Footprint Forum: Enabling Effective Emission Data Management & Sharing

​More than $50 billion of natural gas is wasted through methane flaring and venting operations each year

A majority can be avoided at no net cost with the right incentives

Two Ravens E&C Consulting is dedicated to advancing the measurement economy to reduce emissions by the oil & gas industry

Supply chain tokens for the measurement economy

A Web 3.0 platform designed to scale the verification of industrial emissions. We help connect verifiers to data providers through secure online transactions. Our mission is to enable a more efficient marketplace for environmental data.

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Call to action

Are you interested in how Distributed Ledger Technology (DLT) and web 3.0 can be applied to climate action?

Checkout our hyperledger-labs github project supported by the Linux Foundation

Join the Hyperledger Foudation Climate Action Special Interest Group

Checkout the Carbon Accounting & Certification Working Group