Director - Bertrand Rioux

Bertrand Rioux has been the acting director since Two Ravens Energy & Climate Consulting was established in May 2022. Mr. Rioux was previously a Research Fellow at KAPSARC in Riyadh Saudi Arabia working on a range of energy market & climate policy issues.


Two Ravens Energy & Climate (E&C) Consulting

Launched in 2022, our consultancy specializes in the decarbonization strategies for the oil & gas industry.

Our services cover three core areas:

  1. Economic and financial analysis

  2. Climate policy impact assessment

  3. Technology adoption for methane abatement and certification

We look forward to working with you to solve energy transition challengesTwo Ravens E&C Consulting

Inspired by Huginn and Muninn, two ravens from Norse mythology representing intellect and curiosity




Deliver innovative solutions to realize global climate targets by advancing the role of Canadian technology and expertise in global methane emission reduction by the oil and gas industry

Realize significant GHG emission reduction targets by mid century through practical solutions to preserve social prosperity, economic development and ecological stability

  • Energy security to advance economic development

  • Climate action to preserve ecological stability

  • Open source collaboration for global progress